LED Halloween Pennywise Mask
LED Halloween Pennywise Mask
LED Halloween Pennywise Mask
LED Halloween Pennywise Mask
LED Halloween Pennywise Mask

LED Halloween Pennywise Mask

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Who worked on the screen used makeup, this is the ultimate edition of Pennywise from the 2017 Blockbuster remake, It.

Trick or Treat Studios and Warner Bros. are proud to present the Official IT - Pennywise Deluxe Edition Mask!

Every detail of Pennywise is represented in this mask. The mask is made of pure natural latex and camel hair. This amazing deluxe edition comes with actual hair attached to the sculpted hair underneath to hold the hair perfectly in place.

So get yourself our IT - LED Pennywise Deluxe Mask and float with your friends this Halloween! "Trick or Treat!"


  • LED eyes to make the mask look scarier. 
  • Battery operated hence, portable.
  • 100% latex (Eco-friendly and non-toxic).
  • One size fits most adult heads, both men and women.
  • Head Masks, Safe, soft and easy wear, see through the mask's mouth and nose's hole.
  • Perfect for Masquerade Party, Gifts, Costume Party, Carnival, Christmas, New Years Eve Party, Stage Performances, Halloween, dancing parties, April Fools' Day, it will see plenty of use at times other than Halloween.
  • Ventilated

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